Alok releases “Love Is A Temple”, new anthem of Budweiser for Tomorrowland

Budweiser celebrates its second year as the official global sponsor of Tomorrowland, the largest electronic music festival in the world. Through a variety of live and virtual experiences leading up to and during the festival, the brand invites fans from the four corners of the world on a journey to experience the freest place on earth – Tomorrowland.

The journey begins today with the release of “Love is a Temple” the brand’s Official 2017 Tomorrowland anthem; a collaboration between Budweiser and Brazilian Super-DJ Alok. The journey will culminate on the Bud Freedom Stage, the centerpiece of the brand’s presence at Tomorrowland, where the track will be performed live for the first time. Leading up to and during the festival, Budweiser will surprise fans around the world with a variety of unforgettable experiences and prizes, including official Tomorrowland pre-parties and immersive events with live performance feeds during festival weekends.

We’re excited to return to Belgium as the official global sponsor of Tomorrowland, the world leader of electronic music festivals. Budweiser and Tomorrowland have a shared desire to bring people together; and as a global brand we are committed to creating extraordinary experiences for people around the world. This year we’ve embarked on a journey to invite consumers, electronic music fans and influencers from the four corners of the world to express their true selves at the freest place on earth. – Brian Perkins, Global VP for Budweiser

The Budweiser Anthem to Tomorrowland

The 2017 Budweiser Anthem to Tomorrowland, “Love is a Temple,” is a high energy track that brings to life the notion that we feel better when we are free to be the truest versions of ourselves – beyond all boundaries, borders, everyday pressures and expectations. The track is complemented by an original music video that captures the tension, anticipation and release experienced during the journey to the freest place on earth. The “Love is a Temple” track allows fans who can’t make it to the festival to feel the spirit of the freest place on earth.

As a brand that understands and invests in the electronic music movement, I was thrilled to partner with Budweiser to create the brand’s Tomorrowland anthem in collaboration with DJ Iro. This track is extremely special to me as it draws inspiration from my life and personal journey. We live in a world where we find things that divide us, but the truth is love is a religion that connects us all. People from all over the world meet at Tomorrowland to celebrate what unites them – a love for music. We hope the video gives those who can’t be there in person the chance to experience the positive energy of the festival. – Alok

Coming together with DJ Alok for a second time and collaborating with Budweiser to create ‘Love is a Temple,’ has been an awesome experience,” explained Iro. “The track brings to life the effects that happen when you choose to express your true self and allow the music to set you free. – IRO

Alok will perform “Love is a Temple” live on the Bud Freedom Stage during the festival’s final weekend.

Ten Journeys, One Destination

Budweiser and Alok have personally delivered a copy of the anthem to 10 inspiring individuals from around the world, to invite them to share their personal journeys as they travel to the freest place on earth. Fans around the world can follow each of these unique journeys leading up the moment when they touchdown at Tomorrowland. Budweiser’s 10 guests will join Alok on the Bud Freedom Stage to debut the Budweiser Anthem to Tomorrowland, “Love is a Temple.”

Join the Party

During the journey to Tomorrowland, Budweiser will bring the spirit of freest place on earth to fans across the globe.

  • Road to the Freest Place on Earth: As the countdown begins to one of the most anticipated music events in the world, Budweiser will host Road to the Freest Place on Earth Pre-Parties where party-goers will have a final chance to snag tickets to the sold out festival. Partygoers will be immersed into the fantastical world of Tomorrowland complete with all night sets from world class DJs in select spiritual homes around the globe.
  • Bud x Tomorrowland Livestream Parties: For those who can’t make it to Belgium to celebrate, Budweiser will make sure fans don’t miss a beat. Livestream parties hosted across the globe will bring party-goers in on the action so they can dance to their hearts’ content to real-time festival performances and moments. Bud x Tomorrowland Livestream Parties will be hosted during festival weekends in select spiritual homes around the globe.

Special Edition Budweiser Cans

Budweiser will celebrate global unity at Tomorrowland with special edition Budweiser cans inspired by the flags of the world. The special edition cans will be available exclusively at Tomorrowland to unite festival-goers from 196 nations in a celebration of self-expression at the freest place on earth.

A Proud Global Partner

Anheuser-Busch InBev’s multi-year sponsorship of Tomorrowland is reflective of the company’s ambition to connect more deeply with legal drinking age millennial consumers through one of this generation’s main passion points: music.

A kindred partner from its mission to the namesake of its founders, Tomorrowland was brought to life by brothers Manu and Michiel Beers to unite the people of tomorrow and connect souls from all over the world. Every year, the city of Boom is transformed into a dream-like alternate universe where partygoers revel with the world’s best DJs for three straight days.


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