Martin Garrix talks about DJ Mag, Justin Bieber, STMPD RCRDS and much more

It’s easy to get lost in the numbers behind Martin Garrix’s meteoric rise. From his adolescent years to the onset of young adulthood, the 20 year old Dutch superstar has already set precedents and scored landmarks at every corner of the music industry.

Perhaps even more impressive than this huge debut success is the mature and prolific way he has built on that initial stepping stone over the last couple of years to become one of the scene’s leading lights whose every move is awaited with baited breath.

Check our exclusive interview with Martin Garrix:

How it was to play at Ultra Brasil? How can you describe Brazil? What do you most like here?

It was amazing to play Ultra Brasil since I love Brazil, the people, culture and food are just amazing! Good vibes!

How do you feel to be the number one DJ in the world? What are your plans for the future? What can we expect from Martin Garrix?

It’s such a great honor for me and crazy to have accomplished this by the age of 20. I have a lot of plans for the future, there is definitely a lot of new Martin Garrix music coming up!


What is your most special track this year? Why?

I would have to say ‘In The Name of Love’ since it has become such a huge success. This year I reached some great milestones because of this track like playing at Jimmy Fallon and The EMA’s.

Can you talk about the plans for your label “STMPD RCRDS”? Are you accepting demos?

I wanted to create a platform where talents from all kinds of musical genres can come together and express their creativity. There are no boundaries, it’s just about creating something together. And yes we’re accepting demos, which I will be listening to with my team

We all know that you and Justin Bieber are good friends. But, it’s inevitable to not talk about a collab between you both. Have you ever discussed about it with Justin?

We have been making music together, but more for fun. We don’t want to pressure it and the friendship is more important right now. However, I’m really looking forward to join him on his Purpose Tour as a support act for some shows in Australa and New Zealand.


A few months ago, you made a video on yours snapchat. You were in the office listening the song “Puzzle” by Lenx & Denx and Andy Bianchini. Have you ever think about work together with any Brazilian DJ/Producer? We have such good young producers in Brazil such as KVSH, Pontifexx and more.

I’m always open to work with other artists and young talent. I have been working in the studio with some talents from STMPD and I love it.

Martin Garrix is not just about you, it’s about a big team that helps you to keep everything perfect. How #TeamGarrix helped you to grow personal and professional way?

Yes, I have an amazing team behind me who always support me both professional and personal. I have been working with a lot of these people from the start of my career which means that over the years we have become very close. It’s amazing to share this journey together and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Looking back when you were just a kid trying to be a successful DJ, what do you think it was the key to be who you are today?

I think the passion that I have always had for music. If you love what you do it will never feel like work and you will always be able to push yourself to the limit.


That’s all Martin. In the name of Wonderland in Rave, I would like just to thank you for your attention every time we met up (EDC Brasil, Ultra Miami, Ultra Brasil). I’m sure you have too much to give to the music industry yet. Keep working hard, the world is yours. Congratulations and thank you again. Feel free to leave a message.

Thank you so much, always good seeing you!


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