Nicky Romero & John Christian ‘Iconic’ – out now on Protocol

Label boss Nicky Romero and multi-instrumentalist John Christian join forces once again for the energetic new anthem ‘Iconic’, out now on Protocol Recordings.

Their first collaboration since the 2014 hit ‘Next Level’, ‘Iconic’ delivers an energetic and intense production coupled with disco-infused melodies that perfectly blend the respective style of the two producers.

‘Iconic’ grabs the listener’s attention from the start with electrifying distorted synths and pounding kicks. Building layer upon layer of tribal drums and a barrage of warped guitars, the record reaches zenith with a lone vocal command, before launching into a blood-pumping drop. Taking it way down to zero for the breakdown, the track makes a U-turn and introduces unexpected, but bliss disco leads with euphoric 70s-tinged guitars.

The track departs the groovy midsection to build the track up with searing synths and frenetic snares. The familiar vocal command hits again before we get kicked back into an enormous adrenaline-riddled, hands-in-the-air grand finale. By showcasing the fierce production of Romero merged with the colourful sense of melody by Christian, the payoff is a stadium-sized banger that will do some serious damage at festivals this summer.


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