Tritonal brings you that ‘Wild Kind’ of music

Tritonal are continuing their onslaught of fresh music in 2017. Following Hung UpStrangers and Hey MaMaMa, Tritonal is back with Wild Kind, the latest gem to emerge from their always-busy studio in Austin, TX.

Wild Kind is a serious feel-good track, built around empowering lyrics that tell the tale of someone breaking free from their emotional chains to live life on their own terms. The track begins with heady swirls of vocal FX and warm chords and melodies, Scandinavian talent Varpu’s powerful vocal cutting through the track like a hot knife through butter. The chorus sees her reach giddy highs with big harmonies creating a playful sound bed as the energy builds.

Half-time beats permiate under reverbed percussion and a flurry of synths. Deep bass tones greet us under guitar harmonics, with a glorious lead line, subtle string thrusts and big builds topping things off as we move towards the spine-tingling crescendo. Just try and keep the smile off your face listening to it; it’s not physically possible!

Wild Kind is an exemplary slice of cutting-edge production, steeped in Tritonal’s lavish sound. It’s got summer written all over it.


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